Jute Products

Jute Bag

Unitex Industries Ltd. is your trusted partner for customized jute bags that combine style, sustainability, and brand visibility. As a leading supplier, we specialize in creating high-quality jute bags that showcase your logo and make a positive impact.Our extensive collection offers a wide range of colors, sizes, and fabric options to suit your specific needs. With our logo customization services, you can proudly display your company’s logo on each shirt, creating a cohesive and impactful brand identity.


Unitex Industries Ltd. is your premier destination for customized jute covered diaries that blend sophistication, sustainability, and effective branding. As a trusted supplier, we specialize in creating high-quality diaries that feature your logo, making a lasting impression.

Jute Warped

Unitex Industries Ltd. is your ultimate destination for unique and eco-friendly promotional items wrapped in jute. As a trusted supplier, we specialize in delivering top-quality products that combine sustainability and effective branding. With our jute-wrapped promotional items, you can make a positive impact while promoting your brand. Whether it’s pens, keychains, USB drives, or other popular promotional items, we offer customization options that integrate the natural beauty and durability of jute.

All Jute

From bags and accessories to home decor and promotional items, we offer a diverse selection of jute-based products that cater to various industries and purposes. Our team of experts works closely with you to create customized solutions that showcase your brand while promoting environmental responsibility.